Classic Arcade Games – The Best of Their Day 2014 Game

Everyone has their favorite classic arcade games. Some of the very best games and a brief description of them will be given here.

Pac Man on Retro Gaming Computer

Pac Man – Released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1980, Pac Man is widely recognized today. In fact, it has the highest brand awareness of any other video game character among people in the U.S. 94% of Americans recognize Pac Man by this name. The game succeeded in creating a new genre of game to compete with shooters and sports games of the day, giving it its rightful spot on the list of classic arcade games.

Frogger – The goal of this game, released in 1981, is to guide each frog home safely, one by one. To accomplish this, the player must dodge cars on a busy freeway and navigate a safe path across a hazardous river. This game is still popular today, which is why it rightfully belongs on the list of classic arcade games.

Tetris for iPad

Tetris – This is a puzzle game that was released in 1984. Tetris is certainly one of the classic arcade games because it, or a close variation of it, is available on basically every video game console and computer operating system today. Tetris has also found its way onto graphing calculators, cell phones, mobile media devices, and palm pilots.

Donkey Kong – The concept of Mario saving Princess Peach followed in many Mario Brothers video games following the release of the Donkey Kong arcade game in 1981. Set to silly sound effects, the goal of this game is to climb to the top of each level without getting hit by the barrels thrown by DK. This game can famously never be beaten because of a glitch on the final level, but it is such a challenge few players make it to that point anyway.

Contra – This “run and gun” action game was released as a classic, coin-operated arcade game in 1987. One year later, a version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game follows the progress of two military commandos whose goal is to take out a terrorist organization planning to overtake the world. This is the perfect premise for one of the best classic arcade games of all time.

Galaxian – Originally released in 1979, this fixed shooter game expanded on the game called Space Invaders. The goal is to decimate the horde of alien vessels before they reach your ship. Drama comes in the form of kamikaze-like alien ships that dive at you and attempt to take you out by crashing into you.

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