Puzzle Games for Kids 2014 Game

Puzzle games for kids are not only fun for them to play, but they can also stimulate problem solving skills in an entertaining way. There are many free games like this for kids to play online with their parents’ permission. Here are some of the top games you may want to introduce to your kids.

Bubble Town Puzzle Game

Bubble Town – The premise of this game is to knock off three “borbs” of the same color before they reach the danger zone. Quick thinking is needed to progress to each level of this very kid-friendly game.

Jinx Chaos – Fun background music accompanies this simple matching game. Like doing a puzzle, this game has pieces that show up one at a time that are matched to a silhouette of that piece. Two themes for game play are available, which are Ocean and Jungle.

Many Balls Puzzle Game

Many Balls – This simple game is set to fun music and a cheering crowd each time you pass a level. Puzzle games for kids are generally quite simple, but this game takes the cake—all you do is count the number of balls on the screen and input your guess. When you guess exactly right, you earn lives. When you guess wrong, you are penalized based on the number of balls off your guess is.

Beetle Bomp – In this game, your goal is to prevent an infestation of beetles by matching three bugs of the same color to knock them out of line. If they reach the end of the screen, you will have a full infestation on your hands! You can play the game immediately upon finding it or you can download unlimited play of the full version for a minimal fee.

Shape Shifter – The goal of many puzzle games for kids is to match shapes to their proper place. This game fits that description. When you fill in all the shapes in each line, you advance to the next level.

Dreams – Remember the game in magazines where you are given two pictures that look identical? However, upon closer inspection you discover slight variations between the two. That is what this game is based on. Use your curser to point out the differences and get points for each difference you spot. You can play the game to dreamy music or turn the sound off if you prefer. Play with or without hints and enjoy the artistic pictures you are given to find differences in. This is one of the most unique puzzle games for kids that adults can enjoy as well.

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