Unique Casual Games 2014 Game

Casual games are those played in a video game or online setting that are targeted to many different players.  These games fit into a variety of genres and are generally characterized as games with simple rules that can be played for ten minutes satisfactorily, as opposed to hardcore games that require tutorials to learn and a great amount of time dedicated to them to win the game.  Casual games can be found on the internet, game consoles, and mobile phones.  There are many unique casual games available today that are designed to entertain people when they need something casual to fill their time.

BigTree Defense Screenshot

BigTree Defense – This game, like many unique casual games, is located online.  The gist of the game is that evil alien bugs are swarming toward the last living plant on planet Earth.  Your job is to defend it so it can grow larger and produce pods that will attack the bugs.  Heal your plant, grow a new branch, or plant a pod all with the click of your mouse.  Each time you kill a bug, you are awarded water that heals your plant and allows you to buy upgrades.  Each level you complete also earns you points you can use to purchase new pods or upgrade the ones you already have.  Choosing the correct pod type is important in the strategy of winning the game.

Geometry Wars – This is one of the unique casual games found on a game console.  Specifically, this one is available on the Xbox 360.  This game can be played by up to four players.  The goal is to fly around the screen in your laser-shooting aircraft and blast various geometric shapes.  If a shape other than your teammate comes in contact with you, you lose a life.  Each differently-colored geometric shape acts differently.  Some chase you while others dodge your fire.  The bright colors and pumping music will have you casually playing Geometry Wars for hours!

Bistro Cook for Android

Bistro Cook – Designed for the Android phone, this game allows you to make different meals in only a little amount of time.  You begin the unique game with a plate that you have 30 seconds to design a meal for.  As you advance, the time you have shrinks and sometimes you are presented with multiple plates at once.  This and other unique casual games can be very addicting, but with the ability to pick up the concept quickly, you can introduce your friends to it and entertain yourselves for hours!

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